new concept studios made for urban living

Studios designed with young urban professionals in mind, perfectly catered to modern urban living.

Live, work, play within the comfort of your own studio. Where modular design concepts and creative use of space offer welcome respite in a space-challenged environment like Hong Kong.

Here, discover a perfect balance between privacy and privileged access to the vibrancy of the local neighborhood…

flexible urban comfort living

What is Flexible Living?

We are not another co-living concept. At BNTO, we believe in maximizing personal space through thoughtful design, creating private sanctuaries in exciting neighborhoods that cater to your personal needs and preferences. Forget about labelling your food in a common kitchen, or wiping down somebody else’s yoga mat before a workout. Here, you can live, work, and play in your own space, at your own pace.

Our studios use modular design concepts that allow you to personalize your space and create your ideal home. Combining simple materials and well-proportioned forms, movable furniture, and home-tech, BNTO provides everything you need to live the lifestyle of a modern, urban professional.

BNTO Neighborhoods


Located in an apartment block from the 60’s, characteristic of buildings from the era. The studios are right across from the MTR station in a neighborhood full of character and history.


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