About BNTO

BNTO is passionate about modern urban living. Applying basic design principles to explore flexible living in a dense urban environment, creating a personal and affordable oasis for the modern knowledge workforce.

BNTO draws its inspiration from bento boxes, which takes the pleasure of preparing and enjoying a simple meal to an art form, creating a ritualistic experience from every day life. The versatility of the bento box allows for unlimited experiences sparking joy in a simple meal that is prepared for individual consumption.

Our BNTO studios take a similar approach in designing spaces with care, bringing joy to living in small urban spaces for those that appreciate a delicate balance between personal space and connection with the community. We decided from the start that it is equally important to design the best personal oases as it is to locate them in neighborhoods with interesting history, culture, and character. We hope that this concept will be part of the solution to the current housing crisis in Hong Kong and other urban areas as the modern young workforce embraces a new concept of “home”.

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